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Reflect Games Support
Having trouble with one of our games? Can't get your Relect Account working? Or just want to know more about how the system works? Read on for answers and information, or use the menu on the left to quickly jump to where you want to go.

Frequently Asked Questions - Find answers to the most common questions and problems below. Some topics may be covered in more detail, if you can't find your answers here, check the quick jump menu on the left for more information.

Who is Reflect Games? - Reflect Games was founded by FredFredrickson, Fox-NL, Kasper, and Tikas in early 2006, an alliance of creative minds with the common goal of creating great games with Game Maker. Not long after, an account system was envisioned, and after many months of planning (and procrastinating) Reflect Games was officially launched.

Can I join Reflect Games? - Currently we are not accepting new members, as the whole project is still in the midst of getting off the ground, but in the course of creating games we will interact with many people, for ideas, software, etc. This is a good way to get to know, and eventually become part of the team. We do need beta testers now and then, which is also an excellent opportunity get to know us and the way we develop games.
Our overall philosophy as a team is that Reflect Games is not a club; we work together to make quality games. If you have no interest in actually making games, have no background in working with Game Maker, or just want to a team to join, you need not apply.

How does the Reflect Account System work? - While we can't go into extreme details, we can give you a brief explanation of how the system works, and what technologies are involved.
The Reflect Account System is a synthesis of GML, 39dll, PHP, and MySQL. The system uses GML scripts written specifically for 39dll to interact with a MySQL database via PHP. To better explain, our collection of scripts is written so that each one performs a specific interaction with our server, by using 39dll as an intermediary between GML and PHP. The server responds appropriately, and the response is returned into Game Maker and parsed. This system is complicated to implement without the proper scripts, but works quite well!

Reflect Accounts

Overview - Reflect Accounts are user accounts specifically created for use with Reflect-enabled games. A Reflect-enabled game is a game made in Game maker that uses 39dll.dll (a winsock wrapper) and a custom set of scripts developed by Reflect Games to interact with the Reflect server. Reflect Accounts allow users to utilize special features built into enabled games, which via the internet, can customize, assist, and otherwise enhance the experience of the game by using data entered by the user (or other users).

Accounts - Reflect Accounts are free for anyone to create and use. The only prerequisites for a Reflect account are a valid, unique e-mail address and a unique username. A nickname, which is not unique to any user, can also be specified.
Accounts can be created at the account registration page. Once created, a user can log into his or her account on the main page of the Reflect Games site, and from there, use the options listed under the nickname to edit account details or log out. If you can't remember your password, visit the forgotten information page to recover your data. In the event that you forgot your password, you will be issued a new, randomly generated password, which you can change in your account settings page.

Using Reflect - Using your Reflect Account with a Reflect-enabled game is easy! Most Reflect-enabled games will include an option to access "Web Config" or something similar. Simply open this menu, type in your Reflect Account username and password, and click authenticate/login. Once your information has been verified by the server, you will be able to take advantage of any online features the game has that are linked to the Reflect Account System.

User Policies - By creating a Reflect Account, you agree to abide by the following usage rules set by Reflect Games:

  • Accounts may not be used to make disparaging or belittling remarks to or about anyone or any group of people regarding their sex / race / religion
  • Accounts may not be used to harrass / threaten / or otherwise bother people beyond normal gaming activity
  • Accounts may not be used to spread information about any illegal activity
  • Nicknames and usernames may not contain offensive or harmful language
  • No attempts will be made to reverse engineer / 'hack' / or otherwise compromise the security of the Reflect Account System, or make unauthorized entry into any account or system hosted by Reflect Games

  • These rules are to be followed at all times while using the Reflect Games website and Reflect Account System, and are subject to change at any time. Failure to follow these rules may result in account deactivation, or in the worst case scenario, a ban from the system and website.

    Privacy Policy - Reflect Games will never sell, trade, or transmit any data entered into the Reflect Account System or any Reflect-enabled game to any other organization or party for any reason. The developer team at Reflect Games believes in the safety and integrity of it's data and members, and strives to protect this information. Additionally, Reflect games suggests that personal information be kept private, and that you do not enter any personally identifiable information into the Reflect Account System or any Reflect-enabled game.