Aces High Over Verlor Island

DeveloperReflect Games
Lead DesignFredFredrickson
Genre3D Action
Max Players8
Reflect AccountOptional
File Size5.56 Mb


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Map Editor (1.57 Mb)

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The airspace over Verlor Island is a hot spot for fantastic dogfights, and you're one of the pilots! Battle the computer or up to 7 other people online! Will you emerge from the fury of bullets and explosions as the best pilot in the sky?

Featuring detailed 3D environments, fast and easy online play, and an assortment of special moves and different ways to score, Aces High Over Verlor Island has something for everyone.

The final build features a tutorial mode, single player game, and online multiplayer for up to 8 players, so dust off your flight gloves and start practicing your maneuvers!

Using menus:
LEFT MOUSE - Click to activate a button
UP & DOWN ARROWS - Navigate menu options
ENTER - Activate a button
ESC - Close the current menu / exit the game

Playing the game:
LEFT & RIGHT ARROWS - Turn your aircraft left or right
LEFT & RIGHT ARROWS (double tap) - Do a barrel roll
UP ARROW (hold) - Speed skill
DOWN ARROW (hold) - Slow Skill
DOWN ARROW (double tap) - Perform a vertical loop
SPACE BAR - Fire machine gun
ESC - Exit the game

Multiplayer only:
ENTER - Begin chat type mode / send message
SHIFT (hold) - View scoreboard

/players - view a numbered player list
/kick # - replace # with the desired player number from the player list to kick a player

F4 - Toggle windowed / full screen mode