Wanderlust: Rebirth

DeveloperTeam Wanderlust
Lead DesignMatthew Griffin, Jason Gordy
GenreOnline Action RPG
Max Players4
Reflect AccountOptional
File Size18.2 MB


Wanderlust: Rebirth is an online four player co-op arcade-action RPG set in the beautiful and deadly fantasy world of Valandria.

Warriors are summoned to Westhaven Arena to prove their worth as heroes of old legend. However, things are not as they first appear, when our heroes are unknowingly sent upon a trek to save mankind from an ominous end. Group with your fellow brethren to conquer and change the course of destiny.

Take control of one of four uniquely crafted character classes, each with a distinctive play style, and use your abilities with finesse alongside other heroes to earn high-scores and legendary items. Band together and plan your assault; the minions of the underworld fear no blade, and only in Epic mode will the true heroes rise victorious.

Unlock The Crawl survival game-mode to earn Tokens, and try your odds with the Luck Box, as you spin the slots for glorious loot or daring challenges.