Falcon Squad

DeveloperReflect Games
Lead DesignMartin Crownover
GenreTop Down Shooter
Max Players16
Reflect AccountOptional
File Size9 Mb
StatusIn Dev


Join the elite Falcon Squad and work together to destroy a mysterious enemy as you help prepare an aging planet for re-colonization. Lush environments, numerous locations, and a compelling story. When you're ready for more action, jump online and battle up to 15 other people in deathmatch, team deathmatch, or capture the flag!

WASD - Movement for player / spectator camera
Left mouse - Fire, spawn, etc.
Right mouse - Throw Grenade
Middle mouse (click) - Melee attack
Middle mouse (wheel) - Change weapon
Enter - Initiate / send chat message
F4 - Toggle windowed / full screen
Esc - Exit