Sapphire Tears

Lead DesignJakeX
GenreFirst Person Shooter
Max Players8
Reflect AccountRequired
File Size4.19 Mb


Jump into a game, construct a base, and start battling on it! Sapphire Tears is a unique first person shooter where players can build their own structures before play begins. An assortment of weapons and abilities enhance the play. Duke it out with up to 7 other people!

In the lobby
Left click a setting - Increase value
Right click a setting - Decrease value
Shift + left / right click - Larger increase / decrease

In-game, first person mode
W,A,S,& D - Move
Space bar - Jump
Left click - Shoot
Right click - Reload
Mouse wheel - Choose ammo type
Q (hold) - Scope
Q (hold) + Mouse wheel - Adjust scope zoom
Numpad 9 - Hold if stuck in block
Numpad 5 - Set spawn point
Numpad 7 - Teleport to spawn point
Home - Open base editor
E - Toggle visor
Tab - Display scoreboard

In-game, base editor
Arrows - Move cursor / adjust block
Numpad +/- - Adjust cursor height / adjust block
Space bar - Start / end block
Backspace - Start / end delete block
Ctrl - Start / end territory (when territory is not set to Free Build)
S - Start / set / end slope
L - Set / place light
End - Return to First person mode
Numpad 4 / 6 - Rotate camera

Alt + F4 - End the game

How To Use the Editor
Move your cursor to where you want to place a block. Press Space bar to start the block. Now, use the cursor keys and keypad to adjust the block's size. Place Space bar again to place the block. Repeat the above steps, but with Backspace, to delete blocks.