Hover Tank 3D

Lead DesignFredFredrickson
Genre3D Action
Max Players2
Reflect AccountNone
File Size6.15 Mb


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HT3D is a tank arena combat game, with missions, versus CPU play, online multiplayer, and much more. It features many different types of gameplay, and is customizable to look and play how you want it to. The game is made in Game Maker's D3D, and is a fully 3D game. Here's a comprehensive list of all the game's high points:

Hover Tank 3D Features:
Fast-paced 3D action, using GM's very own D3D commands, for a unique experience
5 single player modes, including Missions, Power War, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Target Practice.
A total of 41 arenas (6 Missions, 10 Power War, 6 Deathmatch, 8 Capture the Flag, 6 Online Deathmatch, Tutorial, Target Practice, and 3 Bonus Arenas)
Online multiplayer mode, using a listing server! Locate opponents quickly and easily, and track your stats online here
Customize your tank's color and your in-game name
A range of options let you control how well the game runs, how it looks and sounds, and how hard it is
Track your statistics throughout the different modes, and check your progress
Support for OGG files, that can be used with the Music Pack (link below) or with your own custom tunes

In order to play multiplayer correctly, you must disable any software (firewalls, anti-virus, etc) that may block the game from accessing the internet, and you must open the following ports, if you are behind a router:
TCP - 25787
UDP - 25788 - 25789

W & S - Control Forward and backward movement of the tank
A & D - Turn the tank left or right
Q & E - Move the view to see the left and right sides of the tank
F - Toggle turret lock on / off (turret will move with the tank when moved)
C - Toggle crosshairs
ENTER - Initiates and enters chat in multiplayer
SPACE BAR - Press and hold to reduce friction and coast
MOUSE - Move the turret with the mouse, LEFT MB fires, SCROLL WHEEL zooms in & out
F4 - Toggle full screen
F9 - Take a screenshot
ESC - Menu back / exit current arena / exit game

Note: The controls to view the production notes are W,A,S, & D to move, Q & E to rotate the image, MOUSE WHEEL to zoom in and out, and MIDDLE MOUSE to reset