Wanderlust: Rebirth
Battle hordes of foes in the beautiful and deadly world of Wanderlust: Rebirth, a classicly styled online multiplayer action RPG game by Yeti Trunk.

Other Games
Finding the right development tools can be the most challenging part of creating a successful game, and at Reflect Games, it's no different. We're always finding and developing new methods of solving the problems that arise in game development, and in order to better serve the Game Maker development community, we are providing links here to some of our favorite tools, and some we've developed ourselves.
Reflect Account System
The Reflect Account System was written with speed and ease of use in mind, and is as easy as calling one or two scripts to login a user and set up a game server. While the system is not currently available to the general public to utilize in their games, we hope that with a few advances in the underlying system, we may eventually be able to put together a public developer's toolkit.

With that said, we do offer our Account System in it's current form to developers with an established track-record and trustworthy character. If you are a GM developer and you're working on a game that you think could benefit from our system, please contact us and show us your work. We would love to have more quality games (of just about any genre) work with the system, and by using our system you ensure a sound and stable online experience for your users.

If you think your development team and game qualify to use our system as it is, please visit our forums and contact FredFredrickson.
Our Tools

EasySock by Fox-NL
EasySock is a simplified version of the scripts included with 39dll, Reflect Games' DLL of coice for multiplayer programming. With EasySock, you'll be able to learn 39dll programming much easier and faster than normal. Currently supports 2 players, but is being re-written to easily support more!

Click here to read more at the Game Maker Community or click here to download EasySock from Fox-NL's website (86k)

More of our own tools and utilities coming soon, please check back!
Other Useful Tools

39dll by 39ster
39dll works in conjunction with Game Maker to provide developers with an alternative to the built-in MPlay, and allow fast and efficient network programming. Reflect Games uses 39dll for all of our multiplayer and Reflect-enabled projects, and we continue to support this great tool! 39dll can utilize TCP and UDP connections, and supports many different options and configurations for file transfer, downloads, etc. Credit must be given to 39ster in any program that uses it.

Click here to read more at the Game Maker Community and download 39dll

More tools and utilities coming soon, please check back!